Software packet to provide the detailed support for technological and logistic processes in the car assembly company.

Program modules

Logistics and EDI for Car industry for
  • production information
  • basic and JiT logistics
  • technological process and time management

Program modules characteristic

Logistics and EDI for Car industry Logistics and EDI for Car industry

Technical information for the production preparation

Production information - module for preparing the technical data for the production tree, presentation of the technical information.

Development component lists - module for the computation and displaing of the sample production orders from the production settings and technical data.

Technical preparation of the production

Technical data for the preparation and presentation of the production progressions.

Time analysis - application for time analysis, sequence creation.

Technological processes - application for the operation creation, components including to the operations and beats by the production units.

Component location - Component ordering computation by the technological progressions on preparation for the component consumption prognosis.

Ware basket - application for component location in the technological progressions into the ware basket in montage.

Preparation of the production estimate

Financial component lists - application for financiers. With this application can be created the data sources and computated the sample component list by the technical information for estimate.

Logistics and disposal

Messages for supplier - request processing on the corporation delivery in advance, client application for request presentation by the selected criterious.

Disposal information - information processing about disposal settings of the segment using by the orders.

Disposal component list - component list recount by the production orders by the actual changes in production setting and by the disposal information.

Consumption prognosis - specification of the orders plan by the specified limits, daily exact cumulative prediction of the component consumption by the actual order state of the production at the specified hour and by the daily state of the disposal component lists, cumulative bulk computation of the undone production, cumulative bulk computation of the done production and its accumulation since time of the last inventory.

Module component lists - lists computation, generation of an activity file and client application for module component lists presentation.

JiT prediction - cumulative prognosis computation by the critical checkpoint in the production for JiT, client application result presentation by the selected criterions.

Running production information

Disposal presentation - client application for the display of the running information about custom production, presentation of the disposal information settings by the selection criterion, presentation of the component lists and of the module component lists, limit setting for the manufacturing planning, presentation and print customs planning report, consumption prognosis, undone and done production.

Quality - application using handhelds for recording of the information from the production about custom quality.

Scrapping - application for disabled material recording.

Production reports

Customs clearance - application for production summary for customs clearance during week.

Undone production - accumulated algorithm for make snapshot of undone production in given date, data export for customs system.

Monthly material outgoing - application for accumulated computation of monthly material outgoing (specific algorithm for big data bulks) and exports of accumulated result for data processing in SAP.

Monitoring and device management

Monitor - application for computer operator for monitoring on time controlled tasks, server applications for condition logging of time controlled tasks.

rvs - Tool to manage File Interchange by ODETTE FTP

System rvs® (Rechner–Verbund–System registered by T-systems (Gedas)) is a user friendly and reliable tool to transfer commercial and technical files between partners in car industry supply chains.

The basic tools called rvsXP (WindowsXP, 2000, 2003) and rvsX (Linux) are delivered in restricted distribution rvs/light (1 communication channel till 5 partners) and unrestricted rvs/Classic version.

Logistics and EDI for Car industry

Transfer protocols used:

The secured ODETTE File Transfer Protocol follows the VDA 4914/2 (OFTP) standards whereas the network channels available in rvsXP are:

  • TCP/IP
  • ISDN a X.25 native
  • SNA LU6.2.

rvs basic features:

  • reliable file interchange including receipt acknowledgment
  • monitoring the network connections including protocol of events
  • data transfer in background without any user intervention
  • routing data transmission trough remote temporary servers
  • automatic data receipt and processing
  • programmable automatic data resend
  • editable scripting language to program automatic data processing
  • user interface and dialogs to administrate the system
  • possibility to program background batch processing
  • all system events are logged and backuped
  • safety to unauthorized remote access
  • separated application a communication part of the system
  • usage of OFTP features (protocol versioning, connection secured by password, data compression, ASCII-EBCDIC conversion, virtual names)
  • automatic repeated data resend in case of transfer failed
  • automatic receipt acknowledgment (EERP)

glate - general purpose EDI message converter

System glate (Gedas transLATE) is a MS Windows application to convert EDI EDIFACT or VDA Messages into a database dBASE, MS ACCESS, MS SQL Server, Oracle format and vice-versa to construct EDI Messages from database tables.

glate features:

  • modular configurable according to format of messages required
  • possibility to upgrade new formats of messages
  • integrated to OFTP transfer features of rvs
  • monitoring and logging of all processes
  • automatic saving of messages received into database tables
  • programmable interface to receive and transmit messages
  • supporting a large scale of different message formats (LAB, FAB, DELFOR, DELINS, INVOIC, DELJIT, DESADV, INVRPT ...)
  • possibility to modify definition tables of particular message according to specific needs of customer (VW, GM, Volvo, ...)

rvs ENGDAT – technical drawings management system

rvs ENGDAT is a software system dedicated to organize distribution and deposition of technical drawings in a team of designers. It is organized as extension of rvs system which is managing file transfer between remote drawing server of the car producer on one side and teams of designers of the supply chain partners on other side.
Furthermore beside the drawings are there additional ENGDAT forms send within this communication where description of the drawings, versioning, usage recommendations and other data is included.

Logistics and EDI for Car industry

The simplified gENGDAT version is based on the glate software. This system enables to convert attendant drawings data from ENGDAT forms into glate database and to show them using glate viewer. Other sides it enables to construct attendant drawings ENGDAT forms using glate editor. However this software is not suitable to manage the team processes in a construction office.


CCS - Cargo Custom Service, s.r.o.
SaarGummi Slovakia s.r.o.
Heiland s.r.o
HTP Slovakia s.r.o
Küster - automobilová technika s.r.o.
Logman - Považan a.s.
Magna s.r.o
Jasplastik automotive s.r.o.
Thermoplastik s.r.o.
Matador a.s.
Polimoon s.r.o
Duvenbeck Slovensko spol. s r.o.
ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko
Slávia TOOLS a.s.
Tower Automotive
TESLA Stropkov
Služba VD Nitra
Viena International s.r.o.
SE Bordnetze - Slovakia s.r.o.
Fagor Ederlan Slovensko a.s.
Železiarne Podbrezová a.s.

and other...

Logistics and EDI for Car industry


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