The Information System for Railway Siding serves for ensuring the operation of the railway siding i.e. for mutual sharing of information used for controlling the transport as well as commercial/freight transport. This system provides the users with accurate information on the arrival of a wagon at railway siding, on its stay on the railway siding up to its departure from the railway siding to the network of ŽSR. It enables the monitoring (surveillance) of the wagon on the railway siding through all the necessary handling.

Basic features

  • recording of arrival and departure of wagons
  • records unloading and loading of wagons
  • records wagon repairs and maintenance
  • records repairs outside of the terminal
  • records cleaning of carriages
  • processing of weighting data
  • processing of shipment invoices
  • monitoring of carriage rental
  • standard and special shipment of wagons
  • daily and periodical balances
  • Intranet connectivity
  • reports generation

Railway transport

Short characteristics of the information system


Information system of the railway terminal is a tool, which allows user to store all data concerning arrival and departure of railway wagons as well as to save other useful information like wagon repairs and maintenance and similar data.
Besides of this it processes weighting data produced by railway weighting system, shipment invoices, invoices for repairs outside of the terminal etc. It provides the user with alphanumeric and graphic information about layout of wagons actually present at the terminal.

Client functions:

  • it enables authorized personnel to modify tables containing root data
  • elaboration of arrival and departure wagon lists
  • planning
  • repairs and maintenance of wagons on the terminal
  • recording of wagon cleaning
  • recording of repairs outside of the terminal
  • processing of shipment invoices and invoices for repairs outside of the terminal
  • allows to record shunting of wagons on terminal
  • status and balance reports
  • generation of other supplementary reports
  • system administration i.e. setting access privileges for users according to their position
  • electronic exchange of documents with railway company
  • electronic interfaces to other plant systems (SAP, Filling and Waging Systems, EMCS)

Railway transport

Besides of the client module there is an independent module processing files containing data produced by weighting system. It picks off the data from file and updates appropriate columns in database tables.

Interface to Invoicing System

If required there is the possibility to exchange data between information system and the enterprise system for processing of product invoices using shared database tables or text files.

Intranet Reporting Tools

Apart from reports already mentioned in previous section, there is a set of intranet reports that can be used by client users as well as by other authorized users. Data produced by all reports can be saved in files or printed. Every intranet report module contains a section enabling the user to set filtering conditions.

System Architecture

Information system for railway sidings can be realized as

  • Typical client/server approach. It consists of database server and client module that allows the user to use data stored in the database and from set of report template modules used for report generation.
  • Web application in three-thier architecture based on Oracle Fusion Middleware using Oracle WebLogic Server(WLS) application server and Oracle Forms / Reports Services (WLS_FORMS and WLS_REPORTS) for application deployment. Oracle Forms Services is a complex application framework optimized for Forms application deployment in three-thier architecture. These components provide technology based on internet benefits. User interface is presented on the client PC by Java applet in the clients web browser. Third thier is database server.
  • Information system of the railway terminal - Architecture based on Oracle Fusion Middleware

  • Intranet application in three-thier architecture. User interface is clients web browser. Aplication is installed on the web server. Third-thier is the database server. Maintenance uses the web browser to run the application. No installation is required on the client PC.


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